Welcome to www.thegenesofisis.com. The purpose of this site to introduce and promote Justin Newland's debut novel, The Genes of Isis, published by Silverwood Books (2017).

The Genes of Isis
The title reveals the twin strands of the novel: the mythological (the
Goddess Isis from the Ancient Egyptian Myth of Osiris) and the scientific
(Genes). The title also moots the Biblical Book of Genesis, featuring
the Flood.

The Myth of Osiris

Osiris is King to Isis’ Queen. But he is murdered by his brother, Set,
who dismembers the body and scatters the body parts. Isis searches
for and finds them. She re-assembles the body and breathes life into it,
resurrecting him. She copulates with him and bears him a son, Horus.

Genes of Isis and Genesis
Genes of Isis means genesis. The novel, The Genes of Isis, is therefore
a speculative, or alternative, account of the genesis of the human race,
aka homo sapiens sapiens.

The Genes of Isis is a set in a world in which the sun is aquamarine,
the waters of the Earth circulate in the sky, and humans walk with

Copyright: Justin Newland, 2017.